Arrive Looking Like a Local

Arrive Looking Like a Local

Wake up at your cottage on the lake and get dressed like you own the place, like you can’t start the day without paddling one of the big three, like you saw a bear last night and later on you’ll be barefoot water skiing. This is who you are now.

Because you’re about to get really adventurous, you’re going to start the day with a relaxed brunch served with a side of views better than your apartment or high rise office building could ever offer. And, because it’ll take your breath away and you’re going to want to recovery-eat, the pieces you wear should reflect your mood: relaxed.

Once your belly and your mind are full of food and #blessed memories, it’s time for a swim or, at the least, some paddleboard yoga before the heat of the day and a glass of rosé renders you useless. The athleisure trend is never more appropriate than when it’s on holiday. Wearable at your real home or your second home, nothing screams “I’m local and I've got a schedule” more than actively participating in fitness outside of your 9 to 5.

After the workout comes the lay out. Guilt free sun soaking (don’t forget sunscreen) doesn’t get more chill than this and with these suits, you can make a real statement while doing, well, nothing. Or by saying you’re practicing an extended savasana. By the water. Nearly naked. With wine.

The perfect swimsuit can last for seasons especially when it feels like it was made just for you. You don’t need to wear trend-based pieces and if you're sruggling, you can find the best suit for you with our Swimseeker tool.

Now it's all about the dinner plans. BBQs outside the cottage or a group visits to Riverwalk , the perfect look can show off your tan and is much more down-to-earth than anything you can wear at home. Linen trousers? Pom pom sandals? This is their time - show them a good night.

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